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I transform your business...

Skills are cheap, passion is priceless! (Gary Vaynerchuk)


At the highest level of a business, it's all about leading and coaching your workforce to go in a certain direction. With more than 20 years of successful ventures and impressive growth rates, I believe you can only grow your business if everybody in your business understands why you go the extra mile and why they should step into your dream as well. With clear targets, a set of goals and the reason why you start building. A clear strategy, well communicated and supported by your employees is a first start of success. Ask yourself... if you would offer your employees 10.000€ to quit their jobs, would they do it, or stay on the boat because they believe that you will bring them further?

And by having a focused and happy workforce, your shareholders will feel the difference too! 


A passionate speaker & thought leader with more than 20 years experience in award winning marketing, sales and digital transformation. I worked for global brands like Robert Half International, Bisnode, Coca-cola, Ikea, Overtoom, Thomas Cook Group etc. He has managed national & international teams and helped brands with their sales strategy, positioning, media buying, direct marketing strategy, digital strategy, omnichannel marketing strategy and overall business transformation. Great believer of balanced scorecards!
My book about e-mail marketing is used in several colleges and who knows when my next book is coming ;-)

As one of the first commercial users of "the internet" in Belgium (early 90's) I am a self-made man with an extensive knowledge of automation tools (like Selligent, Adobe Marketing Suite, SalesForce etc), digital platforms, e-commerce and I even created in the past a SAAS software platform.  This backpack of experiences allows me to apply change in large or small organisations, as my focus can be on People, Profit and Process.  

Open Space Office


A good idea, a new idea, a new venture and the need to get an independant view on your next steps. With more than 20 years international business experience and mentor at one of Belgians leading business accelerators... let's talk! 2 minds are always more creative than one!

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