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Omnichannel marketing:

Omnichannel marketing needs for most companies a (digital) business transformation where you stop thinking from a production process towards the client, but from the needs of your clients and how you can evolve as a business and organisation closer to your target audience. Good examples in Europe are very scarce as most of the companies just focus on slightly improving existing processes, rather than to tear down silos and getting rid off those public warehouses without any experience we call shops. In Belgium people will immediately think about good examples about Coolblue and Torfs, but for me they still are thinking in the same silos. I’m an active client from both and they are still missing several basics: abandon cart processes, online in the physical shops being actively used, transparency by using the screens in the shops, customer care automatically connected to profiles, adaptive & personalised websites etc. But I admit, they are already standing far in front of the pack.

As I worked for the past 3 years in the graphical industry, where innovation is lacking hugely (just not saying “none existing” du

e to rigid structures, too much looking at each other and recruiting only people from the same industry), I’m always using as an example They elevated the creation of a simple business card to a science. The business card or compliment card, a little thing that has a huge impact and if you are a sales professional, you know that the business card will not disappear and it’s logic, the impact of giving a small card to somebody is to get somebody “hooked”. Without a business card, they will forget you, you will be one of the many and you don’t get a second chance, as they won’t find your card again the day after. Most of us have business cards that are too boring to be real and we just waste precious resources. Time to change that as well, rather invest in an impact full version, than a plain white version. But back to MOO…. They elevated it to a science and it all starts with getting you inspired. Look at the website or their e-mail newsletters and you will be thinking about a flashy, high quality, high personalised fashion brand, but it’s just about a simple business card. Each newsletter is one I will open, as it inspires you to open it. No wasted branding or telling you how good they are, it’s all about the story (of the top notch designers that give you free templates) and you!

When you start the process, you have each time 3 options, the first is for the people that want to be inspired and use one of the designs by, the second is to start with a blank canvas and the third option is your own design. Sound logic, but the process online is so simple, quick and extremely efficient, that you fall in love with the brand.

But that’s just the beginning. I told in the past to several CEO’s that the unboxing experience is as important as the products you ship. MOO got it right. Yes it’s a plain brown box arriving (only thing that could be improved), but the products itself are individually packages in an extreme high quality casing, with little inspirational quotes and if you choose the “Luxe” version, you also get a waxed ribbon with a quality mark on it. It are those little precious things that give you a wow effect. And happily to pay far more than any other brand. This nifty way of looking at the consumer is also present in the stores and anything they communicate. And from a speed perspective, 2 hours after I ordered it (luxe card with customised printing on back & front with a blue line in the middle of the paper cut), it was shipped and arrived the day after before noon. Try that with a Belgian/your printing company!

After my experience, I went looking at other brands online and honestly, none of them even scratched the surface!

What can we learn from it?

It doesn’t work when your website is not caring for the modern shopper. Not having an e-commerce platform is just the first step in becoming extinct, even in a B2B environment.Every step of the process is as important, from the first step to leaving the process, from registration to the unboxing experience.Marketing is about making your product human… getting an emotion is crucial and a good story is the first basicBusiness transformation is about tearing down silo’s and unifying teams to work together with a clear focus on your client.

What would happen if they would open their business in Belgium with the same quality, speed and customer service?

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