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The birth of iVOLVER

July 2nd 2019, a new baby is born!

I started my own company with of course a funky name:

iVOLVER is coming from:

INVOLVE: I strongly believe you have to involve people into your transformation. A management team alone cannot change a company, it's with the help of your employees (or at least most of them, as in the change process, you tend to lose some on the way) Transformations for me are based -and in order of importance - on People, Process and Platform.

EVOLVE: In a quickly evolving world, companies or brands need to change as well. You'll have to evolve your company to a new version of itself. Not a revolution, although, sometimes it can look like you have to change almost everything.

The "i" stands for the digital part of any transformation. But it's not only about the platform or the digital process, it's about connecting the dots within your organisation and outside your company.


The 10 million dollar question. And no it's not because I quite my job of boredom, not at all, but after 20 years working for "a boss", it's time to make my own decisions and as I am helping CEO's of start-ups to grow their business, it sounded logic to do that as a business owner. Loved the status of intrapreneur, but now the time has come to become an entrepreneur.

Hit the contact link on top to have a talk about your next steps as a business!

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